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Plant Protein Vs Animal Protein : Which is the Best?

Whatever I am going to tell, may be it can be shocking for meat lovers, but you need to know for the sake of your health as you heard of saying that “health is wealth”. As you know already that animal protein is complete and high biological value protein due to presence of all amino acids, whether plant protein is incomplete protein because of lacking certain amino acids but it can be complete to add up balanced intake of all plant protein sources like whole grains, legumes, pulses, nuts and seeds,vegetables.

Plant protein can also fulfill one’s requirement easily. So it is totally myth that vegetarian and vegan people can not meet the protein needs from plant sources.

Do you know that how much protein do you need in a day? It is recommended that 0.8 gm/kg body weight protein is normal require of a person. So it is totally in vain to take too much protein than requirement. In many studies has shown the risk of cardiovascular diseases and deaths steadily climbed with higher consumption of animal protein and fell with greater consumption of nuts and seeds. Animal sources has more saturated fats and zero fibre which can reduce the functioning efficacy of cardiovascular system.

Many researches have proven that nuts and seeds have incredibly significance than meat for preventing cardiovascular related diseases and cancers. In a study, it shows that the groups with the highest meat intake, the risk was about 60 % higher than the group with the lowest intake. In the group of higher intake of nuts and seeds, the cardiovascular risk was about 40% lower compared to the group with the lowest intake of nuts and seeds.

Although there are so many evidences that shows plant based foods are always safe to consume than animal based, so it’s imperative to opt for healthy choices.

There are some ways which can aid to include protein in your diet and healthy eating as below:

  • Vegan and vegetarian people need to know to include all plant based sources like all whole grains, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds, vegetables in their diet to make out good balance of amino acids which are precursors of protein.

  • Nuts and seeds also have fats but it’s essential fats which your body needs and your heart needs. So take fistful nuts soak overnight into water and have them in the early morning.

  • If you eat meat, egg, chicken, dairy, choose only lean meat, egg white, chicken breast, skimmed dairy. Avoid red meat and processed meat completely.

  • Meat lovers can choose healthy way of cooking like boiling, steaming, poaching, pressure cooking instead of frying, grilling, bbq, roasting etc.

  • Always add veggies as salad include more green leafy with non-veg preparation.

  • Also wash all veggies properly with boiled salt and turmeric water to get rid of dirt, pesticides, insecticides etc.

Any protein supplements for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, they will impact equally on the body. People also need to be aware of taking excess protein, which can harm you, it is waste of extra protein which will convert into glucose or fats, it also can affect your kidneys due to overload, it will hard for kidneys to remove overall nitrogenous waste, it can lead to uraemia which can cause serious issues, excess protein also can lead to loss of calcium which can further lead to decrease bone mineral density can cause osteoporosis.

Protein supplements should not be taken without prescription of your dietician.

"Prevention is better than cure"

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